• Acoustic control for peace and privacy.

Building a Private Workspace - Acoustic Office Furniture

Oasis Linear Acoustics

The Oasis Linear Acoustic Phone Booth and Acoustic Office Pod provide the perfect private workspace for communication to take place, ensuring conversations remain confidential.

  • Acoustic lined speech panels absorb high-frequency sounds and reduce reverberation, making it a pleasant and comfortable yet private environment
  • The 3” thick locking walls have been crafted with a combination of top-of-the-line materials to interrupt sound on its path in and out of the unit
  • The unit’s glass doors and walls further reduce noise levels
  • The air circulation fan keeps the booth fresh and creates ambient noise to cover sound from within the booth, making speech inaudible

Oasis Soft Acoustics

Oasis Soft provides the perfect private workspace for important meetings, phone calls, informal breakouts, and collaborative work.

  • The acoustically absorbent multi-layer panel system results in an increase in speech privacy by reducing excessive reverberation within the space
  • The hard surface on the panel exterior, combined with the 2.5mm rubber layer, helps block the transmission of unwanted sound from the outside
  • The combination of both absorption and blocking results in a much more comfortable working environment
  • On the Soft Acoustic Phone Booth and Acoustic Office Pod, glass doors and walls add to the units’ noise-reduction capabilities

If you require further information on our line of acoustic office phone booths & office pods, please contact us. We’d love to help!

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